Customer Reviews and Testimonials
This ebook collection contains about everything you might want to ask in the first year. The writing style is easy to read and fun. I found these ebooks particularly empowering because they are specific. For example, the precise diagnoses and treatment of various kinds of diaper rashes. If you are expecting a baby or even already have one, I highly recommend this book collection. You will find there a lot of information about bringing up your child in a healthy manner. This ebook collection makes a perfect gift for any parent.

- Amy Bisgard
I got this book as a gift for two good friends. As first time parents, they were eager to receive any expert and practical advice. This book collection offered both and has earned a semi-permanent place on their nightstand (at least until their baby reaches puberty!).

- Corrina Milito
I bought this book online before the birth of our first daughter based on the fact that it is the bestselling ebook on the subject. These baby ebooks have good information on health issues, as you would expect from any baby book.

- C. Lee
My baby was the most researched baby on earth. I mean I read EVERYTHING. This ebook collection was really all I needed. No matter what topic I wanted to know about, it was in there. I have not had one issue I couldn't find in the ebook yet. The book is really directed to Moms and Dads both. Buy it, I swear you wont regret it.

- Kathy Martin
I really enjoy this book. It kinda touches on every subject, especially for new nervous parents. I love all of the collection of these books. Worth every penny!

- L. Solomon